Achieve the Weight You Choose with Hypnosis!

I have recently had the opportunity to train with Steve Miller of Sky TV's Fat Families and Sheila Granger of the Virtual Gastric Band System.  This training has left me further inspired and with a lot of new skills/tools I can use to HELP YOU to achieve your desired weight.  Why not give me a call to see how I can help you.

Do you want to lose weight.  Have you tried all the diets and still failed, then hypnosis could be the answer for you.

Harmony Therapies offers YOU a personalised programme of hypnosis and coaching which puts YOU IN CONTROL!


Control Over What You Eat!

Control over How You Eat!

Control over Emotional Eating!

Control over your Motivation to Exercise

Control over your mind with the Power of Self-Hypnosis!


What You will Receive in the Programme

Personalised sessions with Cherie Watts

This programme puts the control to lose weight into your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise.  The personalised sessions using hypnosis and coaching reinforce your progress and allow you to design your own hypnotic suggestions!

Where appropriate Personalised CD’s are provided for you to use in order to continue the work at home and reinforce the learnings you have achieved.




Take back control–

 choose the road to success




Sensible choices mean No food need be banned because you feel more satisfied with less





Leave behind that habit of  faddy diet with some weight loss then further weight gain





Achieve body confidence and feel good about who you are...




How does a future living the weight you choose to be sound?





Boost your motivation to exercise and feel healthier and more energetic..





Move forward with your life feeling positive and in control




Your Commitment to Yourself


Losing weight with hypnotherapy is a collaborative process in which you are actively involved, this is your chance to change those unwanted habits which have caused you to gain weight and move forward to a new life with new productive choices and habits. 

 The work carried out during the sessions will be continued by you between sessions with your tasks being agreed by us before you leave.  These tasks will be the formation of new habits, leading you to a future living the weight you choose.  However, failure to commit fully and participate in all given tasks may result in the programme being terminated.

During the programme you will be required to eat healthily, and exercise.  The fact of the matter is if you are already overweight you will need to burn off those excess pounds you have acquired.  If you need to increase weight then you need to exercise to build your fitness further

 The difference here is that you are training your mind and body to eat healthily for the rest of your life.  This is not a faddy diet where you lose weight initially, but as soon as you stop you revert to your old eating habits, and the pounds go back on.  The food choices you make will be healthy for life because you choose them to be so.  No food need be banned.  You will however understand that bad food choices have repercussions, and if you take action to eat less of them, and perhaps do your housework a little more vigorously if you do, then you should be able to maintain a healthy weight without feeling deprived.   You will learn the skill of eating mindfully – tasting your food properly and enjoying it more – you will want less because you feel more satisfied.

What is covered in The Sessions


Although the weight loss programme is individually tailored to you, the following areas are targetted


Interview and introduction – where we can discuss the most suitable approach for you and agree the realistic weight loss you wish to achieve

Reframing compulsive Eating – looking for what triggers this urge to over eat and changing it!

Training in Self-Hypnosis – to take you on into the future able to tailor your self hypnosis skills as your needs change

Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management – looking to find the ways to best manage stress and emotional issues

Making Sensible Food Choices – choosing to eat what you know is best for you and enjoying those choices

Creating an intelligent Relationship with food – understanding cravings and what they are telling you

Boosting Motivation to Exercise – helping you enjoy the changes and benefits that exercise offers

Confidence and body perception issues – ensuring that you accept who you are and move forward with positive chages

Pulling it all together for lasting results.

For more information about Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis click here 

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