Cherie has done so much for me, that I could write a book. (Actually, I am writing a book, which Cherie has encouraged me to do; following my interest in writing)

When I chose to try Hypnotherapy it was as a last chance to find the person I thought might still be somewhere deep in me. I loved the site but was still nervous attending the consultation, but instantly she made me feel at ease, in charge of the situation and answered any questions I had about the process. We worked through many issues which I brought up as things I wanted to confront, but Cherie has an almost spooky ability to know how you feel and understand what you really need to deal with. Obviously this comes from great training and much experience with people, but never did the time with Cherie feel rigorous or formal. It was always relaxed, personal and friendly. Through the process I found some things difficult to deal with, but like a physiotherapist of the mind, Cherie worked on the knots that were causing me difficulties, and yeah it was painful sometimes, but afterwards I felt so much relief and so much better. She would adapt her session to what had happened in your life since the last meet up, and although she always had something prepared, would easily change to suit you.

I cannot say anything negative about the process nor Cherie. She is a delight to be with and so supportive, and for me, she will forever be the smiling face of the sun, radiating her warmth.

Sam, Essex.

"For a person like me who has been highly strung in the past and at times struggled with stress and being under pressure, I can only recommend seeing Cherie.  As well as being a person you can completely trust and feel comfortable to open up to, Cherie has taught me some amazing new life skills to help me manage stress and be calm under pressure.   Her hypnotherapy sessions are incredibly relaxing and I look forward to my next one.  Thank you for all your help Cherie, you've changed me for the better.
Chris, Essex"

Harmony therapy helped me to overcome depression and anxiety, particularly with difficulties I was experiencing with work. I was always comfortable in Cherie's company, and felt it quite natural to open up about my life in our sessions. Since being treated, I have restored confidence in myself and continue to practise the Harmony methods today.

Tony, Essex



Thanks Cherie for the great work that you did with me recently.  Since our session together I have been able to communicate much more effectively with my partner. Your professionalism and manner was fantastic. Thank you again, this has really made a difference to me.   


T R 

Billericay, Essex



Cherie made me feel so relaxed and calm that all my normal barriers dropped away.   I was able to focus totally on my issue without trying to over analyse, which I can do.   I felt Cherie’s kind caring words guiding me towards my goal at all times.   I felt very safe and very comfortable with Cherie


Steve Monk, 
Southend, Essex

 NLP has changed my life.  A powerful statement to make but 100% true.  I have now realised I have been holding myself back to achieving great things in my career.  I am now taking my first steps in an exciting new fulfilling job thanks to my NLP sessions.  I feel I have undergone a real change, my confidence is shining through and I am no longer scared of going out and getting what I deserve.

Cherie has helped me so much, she is such a knowledgeable, caring NLP practitioner who wants only the best for her clients.

Caroline W, 

 I used Cherie’s positive birthing therapy and must say IT REALLY WORKED! the sessions with Cherie doing the meditation and the CD's that I listened to at home not only really helped me with my labour but also helped when I had to go back into hospital with a nasty infection and had a bad time with injections and drips!  the meditation really helped to get me through my fear of needles. I really recommend this to all pregnant ladies!

Lydia, E


I would highly recommend Cherie for any type of mind body therapy however anyone who is about to enter in to IVF I would really encourage to pick up the phone and arrange a chat with Cherie. Its one of the most stressful and emotional journeys you are ever likely to have, and if your body and mind are both balanced, and you have the tools to be able to control how you feel and deal with the experience, this can only help.  To read the full experience click here client comment


Hayley S,

I would highly recommend Cherrie for any type of her mind and body treatments.  I am still having sessions as I feel cherrie has such a caring manner who truly cares.  This has enabled me to make some huge, positive changes for the future to start enjoying life.  She has made such a difference to me so thank you Cherrie - you were obviously in my fated path!

Sarah P

I recently had several hypnosis sessions with Cherie to support me through my IVF treatment process, I found her to be very professional and supportive as well as kind and understanding.  With her help I was able to feel more positive about the process and more in control, and amazingly the treatment was successful.  I would highly recommend her to anyone in a simlar position.  Thank you very much Cherie.

Sarah A


Cherie has been of enormous help to me and has supported and encouraged me through some very difficult times.  She is very positive, easy to talk to, non judgmental and encouraging, enabling me to work through my troubles and see a way forward to better times.





Cherie's hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to better sleep and made me feel more relaxed and positive about my illness (Parkinson's) and the future.





Approximately four years ago I suffered stress/anxiety/depression symptoms.  A friend suggested Cherie Watts at Harmony as a source for treatment.


Cherie treated me a number of times for the stress related problems and was a very caring and understanding person who managed to calm my fears and look at the problem properly.  After treatment I went to live in Australia.


Recently I needed some backup and was pleasantly surprised to find that Cherie remembered me and was willing to help me again.  I cannot praise her enough.  What a caring person to know.


Ken - February 2014



After suffering with anxiety for about a year, I decided I needed to get some help and that's when I met Cherie.  I have been having hypnosis and it has really  helped me, and I feel like my life is back on track.  Cherie is an amazing lady and is very good at her job.





Cherie came so highly recommended that despite the distance of around 200 miles I felt that it was a trip worthwhile.  Cherie was accommodating and helped facilitate a course of extended appointments.


I am so pleased I committed to visiting Cherie.  She clearly takes great pride in her work and cares about getting results for her clients.


She has a very relaxed and calming nature whilst being a true professional.


I have seen Cherie a number of times, and I would highly recommend her services for everyone who wants to make positive, life changes in any area of their life.


RD 2014


Cherie, thank you for all your help.  I have really enjoyed our sessions, and it's really made a difference in my life!!  I look forward to seeing you again




I had a series of about a dozen treatments with Cherie whilst in the UK. These were really helpful in work on balance and releasing blockages and I benefited a great deal from the treatments. Cherie was very kind and patient and took the time to explain everything to me that I wanted to know. Cherie has a lovely treatment room which has a very special atmosphere, but she also kindly traveled to my home which I appreciated. Now I am so far away I miss treatments with Cherie!





My treatment left me fully relaxed and tranquil, I enjoyed the best nights sleep ever following my treatment. Thank you so very much


Ian H 



Cherie Watts and I first met at a ‘therapy taster day’ in Dunmow in 2005.  I found the short treatment session very good that day and have continued to visit her on a regular basis ever since.


Cherie is an excellent reflexologist and has a very professional attitude to her work. I believe I benefit greatly from regular treatments, really looking forward to my visits and am therefore happy to recommend Cherie.


Mrs Gilbert, 



From the time I enter the room I feel safe and comfortable, the treatment is enjoyable and relaxing.  I know that the time is mine and I can share my thoughts with Cherie.  If for any reason I miss one my weekly sessions I can certainly feel the difference in my back and neck.


Cherie is a very kind, calming, sensible person who gives good advice.  My treatment always makes me feel like I am walking on air.  If I ever win the lottery I would have at least two sessions a week to keep me calm.


I would advise anyone to give reflexology a try.


TH 2014


I've been using Cherie's services now for the last 6 weeks for Reflexology, this is something that I have never done before and was a little unsure at first.  My mind was soon put at ease the moment I spoke with Cherie for the first time, I found her very kind and she listened to everything that I had concerns about.

My first session went really well and I felt instantly comfortable and her therapy room has a lovely feel to it, as if you are at home.

I would recommend anyone that is going through anxiety and stress to talk with Cherie and book a few sessions, as she makes you realise the important things in life and how to deal with the negative.

Thank you so much Cherie I will definately use you again xx


I came to see Cherie feeling positive, optimistic and curious and feel that it has helped me to learn to take some time for me for relaxation.  The sessions have definately helped me to relax and also helped me to consider other ways too and I have now introduced regular meditation into my nighttime routine.

If someone was considering having reflexology with Cherie I would say, what have you to lose and would recommend her as a Therapist (and have already done so)






Cherie - it has been a real pleasure to work with you on our NLP Master Practitioner Course. You have always demonstrated a quiet confidence working as a practitioner and I have learnt so much from observing you at work. You conducted a faultless timeline session with T which included a challenging history taking element as it took some time to clarify what the real issue was. You worked with her gently and effectively and then led an elegant intervention. The session lasted a little over an hour and it was evident in the debrief how valuable T had found the whole experience.


I also observed you conducting a personal breakthrough session with P. This was interesting as effectively the issue P wanted to address was a presenting problem but through careful questioning you help him to identify that the real issue was not really a practical blockage, but an emotional one. Among the interventions you used were an effective timeline exercise and a beautifully paced new behaviour generator.


It has a been wonderful to watch you grow in confidence over the duration of the course Cherie. I have no doubts that you will be a highly successful hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. 


Jonathan Moran

Colchester, Essex 

Cherie is a superb therapist who has great insight and what seems like infinite flexibility. She can get to the heart of an issue sensitively and quickly and her treatment is always customized to the individuals needs. Having trained together at Hummingbird House I benefited greatly from her skills and advice. 

John D

Cherie is a very caring and understanding lady who is able to get to the heart of client’s problems and help them to find appropriate ways forward.  I have found her to be an excellent therapist and I have no hesitation in recommending her. 

Harlow, Essex.





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