Why don't people stop smoking?

Most people are aware that if they stopped smoking now they would live longer healthier lives and in addition save themselves thousands of pounds a year.  So what stops them.  FEAR.  They are afraid that they will put on weight, they are afraid they will no longer be able to relax, that they enjoy the addiction and will not be able to enjoy life without it.  These fears all boil down to one thing, fear that you will find it too difficult and will fail, so you continue to let smoking control you.   Does any of this sound familiar?


Statistics say that most people try 3-4 times on their own before finally quitting smoking.  Are you ready to do that RIGHT NOW with no more excuses? 


Hypnosis makes this transition from smoker to non smoker, easy and comfortable, and you are in control at all times.  Using the techniques taught during the sessions you will find yourself feeling positive - not deprived, relieved and elated - not feeling like you have lost something.  You will find that you do not need aids such as nicotine gum or patches.      No inhalers or nasal sprays will be necessary to continually feed that addiction, all you have to do is participate fully and commit yourself to the program and then sit back and relax.


You will find that this is the best three hours you have ever invested in as you make the transition to being a non-smoker and enjoying a healthier, longer life.






Lose the Fear that you will find it too difficult..





Hypnosis makes this transition easy and comfortable





you can change this habit easily and effortlessly





Feeling positive – not deprived





So, how can hypnosis help me to stop smoking? 

Hypnosis works by communicating directly with your subconscious mind, the part of you that reminds your heart to beat and your eyes to blink.  Your subconscious mind also controls your habits whether wanted or unwanted and during the relaxed state of hypnosis it is easy to communicate with this part and change those habits.

Because smoking is a habit and controlled by the subconscious mind, we can change the habit easily and effortlessly take you from smoker to non-smoker.



The Sessions

The program consists of two sessions, the first one hour in duration, and the second two hours duration.  The difference between this and other treatments is that during the first hour details will be obtained from you in order to tailor the hypnosis specifically for you, in order to fully appeal to your ‘triggers’.  You will receive a recorded CD of the session in order that you can continue to use this, if necessary, perhaps if you feel a particularly stressful occasion is coming up


Free Back up session

I am so confident of this technique that I offer a free one hour back up session should you ‘slip up’ and start smoking again within six months of your original appointment.  So what have you got to lose?


Why not give me a call today and arrange to come along for a FREE consultation to chat through any questions you may have.


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