If you find it hard to relax after a stressful day, if you habitually reach for a that glass of wine, a cigarette, slice of cake,  or something a little stronger may I suggest an alternative.  It has no calories, does not make you cough, cannot make you put on weight, and it has no known side effects other than to make you more relaxed, less stressed and better able to face a new day with new energy.


In my home I have a room dedicated to relaxation.  I can take individual or groups of up to four people, and use a number of well proven relaxation techniques to minimize the stresses that a busy life often produces.   You will be taught the basics of relaxation and through the guided journeys you will find yourself letting go of stress and sleeping better, functioning better during the day and coping with life in general in a more resourceful way.  I have extensive training in this field and I am fully insured.  My qualifications are available for viewing on request.






Stress has been shown to have an effect on your physical health and reduces your immune system





Teaching you the basics of relaxation and techniques to take away with you.






Clients report better sleep and coping mechanisms after 1 or 2 sessions

Do something for yourself very soon - you deserve it






My clients have reported very significant improvements in mental well and overall health after only a few sessions, the cost compares favorably with your annual two weeks in the Caribbean.  Actually it probably can’t compare with a full two weeks in the Caribbean, but just an hour of deep relaxation can stimulate the imagination and energy that a relaxing break often rekindles, and the skills you learn are available to you throughout the year not just for a few weeks.



If you feel like you need that extra help to relax each evening and you have tried all the other more conventional 21st century cures perhaps it is time to try something less harmful – less fattening – less addictive.


What can Relaxation Help With?




Fertility Issues

Stress and anxiety

Back Pain

Joint Pain

Balance for both mind and body

Boosting your immune system

A feeling of general wellbeing and ability to cope



Give me a call.  I am happy to explain the how some very simple relaxation techniques can fill you with energy, fill you with confidence and fill you with a more positive attitude to life. Take a deep breath and do something for yourself very soon.




Please contact Cherie for more information or an appointment on 07900 352324

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