How Can NLP or Hypnosis HELP ME?

The way that a phobia can be helped is to identify the initial trigger, which may be something you no longer remember, or usually something that you think is so insignificant as to be unlikely to be the cause.  Once this trigger is identified then we work to change your fight or flight response to that trigger, and continue to bring that change of response into your life today.  Sounds simple - well it is.  

It usually only takes one to two sessions to deal with the phobia which may having an enormous impact on your life. 







Take back control and live your life to the full without fear





We are not born with a phobia – it is a learnt behaviour which can be changed.





Why let fear stop you when you can change how you react so easily?





Move forward with your life feeling positive and in control



A phobia is an excessive fight or flight reaction to something unlikely to do you harm





Don’t live in fear choose the freedom to enjoy life instead





The symptoms can vary significantly from person to person but some symptoms common to all phobias include:-

·        Terror  - an overwhelming fear of the object or situation

·        Physical  - dizziness, shaking, palpitations, crying, shouting, sweating

·        Obsessive thoughts  - an inability to think about anything else

·        A need to run away  - an overwhelming need to run or avoid a situation

·        Anticipation   - persistent worrying about any events which may include the object or situation. 

·        Overwhelm - a feeling that you are being surrounded by the object or situation and cannot get away

Does any of this sound like you?


Phobia's can be divided into different categories:-

Specific phobia - snakes, dogs, birds etc.

Medical phobia - blood, vomit, receiving injections, visiting the doctor etc.

Situational phobia - going outside the home, eating in public, speaking in public, crowds etc.

Natural environment - storms, water, lightning etc.



The first questions I am usually asked by someone when they read the word Phobia - are "What is it?” or,” why me?" 

Strangely enough, most people don't understand that we are not born with a Phobia - it is a learnt behaviour, and that it is very different to Fear.  So the good news is we can unlearn this behavioural response

A Fear is defined as a rational fight or flight response to something that would cause harm – for example to a fire or violent situation.

A Phobia is defined as an irrational and intense fear of a specific situation or specific object (which in other words provokes the fight or flight adrenaline response), but which is unlikely to actually cause you harm. 

Obviously there are always exceptions, such as allergic reactions, and some phobias have come from an experience of being bitten by a dog for example, but the generalization is that a phobia is something you have created as the result of a life experience (or someone else's life experience in some cases) and a fear is something that you can tangibly say 'this is dangerous and could hurt me'.


Don't you deserve the chance to change and enjoy life without this phobia holding you back, embarrassing you, or stopping you from doing something with your family?   Do you want to pass this fear onto your children? 


All sessions with me are individually tailored for YOU to enable you to move forward confidently and without fear.


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