·        Have you experienced déjà vu?

·        Do you get glimpses of unknown places, people, or events?

·        Do you have unexplained talents, gifts or traits?

·        Do you get recurring dreams?

·        Do you suffer from fears, phobias or habits, the origins of which cannot be explained?








….through the act of memories healing can be achieved…..






A deeper state of hypnosis is entered into…

 back through past lives....



Regressing through the present life and/or PAST LIVES may provide considerable relief and benefit in the present time.  

Sometimes, through the act of memories, these unwanted symptoms or feelings can be removed, through achieving understanding, which then leads to healing in your current life and an ability to move forward without fear.

Past life regression is a therapy often used within a course of treatments, but may also be offered as an individual, longer session of approximately 2 hours during which time a deeper state of hypnosis is entered into. 

Having had experience with trance beforehand is recommended in order to get the best from the regression session.  Although prior trance experience is not essential it gives you the opportunity to have experienced the sensation of trance, and ask any questions relating to hypnosis that you may have before a past life regression experience is entered into.    

The experience of travelling back into your past life, or lives, is unique to you and everyone has a different journey.  Often you will travel to times of great emotion in order to gain healing in your current life.  However sometimes the experience you have will lead you to an ability to make challenging decisions more confidently and move forward with a greater sense of direction.

Why not see what your unique experience can give you?

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