Self Hypnosis and Pain Management


Early last year I fell over fracturing and dislocating two fingers on my left hand (ouch!).  Obviously, as a Reflexologist my first thoughts were “oh no I wont be able to work”.  My second thought however was to say to my husband “I think we need to go to the hospital”.  Some x-rays and manipulation later I was told that I would be in a plaster cast for 6-7 weeks from my elbow to fingertips (a bit excessive I thought!!)


Six weeks later, having caught up on my paperwork and reading (no more shelf improvement!) the cast came off.  Surprise, surprise my fingers were totally stiff and I could not encourage them to bend at all.  A referral to the physiotherapist dutifully followed.  A few weeks after my course of physio had commenced, and having been a good girl and following all their instructions, I was advised that they could not do anything for me and I would need to be referred to the Consultant for surgery as the tendons had adhered and could not be encouraged to move.


On seeing the Consultant some weeks later I was told that he would be ‘prepared to operate’ but that the ‘results were unlikely to be good, and it would be ‘extremely painful’ (I think he may need some help with his bedside manner as setting up a fear of failure and pain goes against all my learnings!!) 


Despite this I need my fingers to move at least and opted for surgery.






The doctor definitely needed some bedside manner lessons as negativity was the message I received..





The extremely painful phrase troubled me…






Self Hypnosis takes practice…





…..and guess what NO PAIN!!





I can report from my experience that…


self hypnosis for pain management works









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Now I don’t like to be given the impression that the surgery would fail and it would be extremely painful – and, although I am not a surgeon, I felt that if things improved from the current position of two stiff, unmoving (and frankly in the way) fingers then that would be a good outcome and his view did not give me any joy at all. 


I therefore opted to think that any improvement was an improvement and that was a good outcome as I could work as reflexologist comfortably again after. 


The ‘extremely painful’ phrase however troubled me a lot more. 


Now I am fortunate to be a hypnotherapist who specialises in pain management (I knew it would come in useful some day!!), so I decided to walk in my clients shoes for a while and refresh my own self hypnosis skills prior to the surgery. 


I am constantly reminding my clients that self hypnosis takes practice, like walking and talking did once, so I practiced a little every day, using the visualisation techniques that work for me (of course it is different for everyone).


The surgery day arrived and I was waiting in my hospital bed by 8am as directed.  Some 12 hours later I was discharged home with a bandage on my hands a big bag of pain medication and instructions to remove the bandage in a couple of days.  I was of course a little anxious to see the results and cautiously took off the bandage and wiggled my fingers – yippee they moved – only a little but they moved – and guess what NO PAIN.


I followed up with physio and exercises and despite some discomfort at times I kept focussed and did not need any pain medication at all.  In fact I can report that if anything I just felt the hand was a little tighter than normal and a bit hot (!)


So to all you sceptical folk out there I can report from my experience that self hypnosis for pain management works.  I cannot encourage you enough to try it for yourself although I appreciate that you may need the initial assistance of a trained hypnotherapist to find the best visualisation and technique for you, but it is better than pills, has no side effects, is lightweight and easy to carry around and works anywhere!!


May you all be happy and pain free, and in that mode of thought visit my website and register and I will send you a free self hypnosis guide.


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