How would coming to see me for Therapy help you? I am an experienced anxiety specialist and have worked with people who have suffered from moderate anxiety to those with agoraphobia and self harming.

My job is to help you to identify the cause and effect of your anxiety (it is not always what you think it is). We will then work to change your thought process from negative (stressed) thinking to a positive (resourceful) thinking to enable you to move forward. I will also teach you skills to use in any stressful situations in the future.

When you come to see me I will initially offer you a Complementary Consultation. This is an opportunity for you to make sure that you would feel comfortable working with me, and you can ask any questions you may have about the skills I can offer you. This also gives me the opportunity to decide if I feel that I would be the best Therapist for you, that I would be happy to work with you, and to check that you have not been coerced into attending by a third party. You are then free to go away and have a think about it before booking your sessions with me. There is no hard sell, although most people will book their first session at this time.

Following this, and at your first booked therapy session, I will take you through a number of questions in order that I can get to know you better. I am then able to personalise the work that we do together in order that you get the most benefit from the time we have together. I may also carry out a brief relaxation session with you if time permits. You will be offered a complementary MP3 for Self Hypnosis Relaxation which can be sent to you via email. I may also set you some homework to carry out before the next time we meet in order to start you on your journey to a more resourceful future. Don't worry you will not have to write an essay it is often something like listening to the MP3 each evening and learning how to take that first step to change your mindset to relaxation not anxiety.

My concerns are not based on how bad I think things are for you, that would be my judgement and I may be very wrong. What I am concerned with is how it affects you and what you can do to alleviate it and live a happier life. I will then find the tools and resources necessary to move you forward to a happier today and a more resourceful future.

The sessions following this will be reviewing how you have been since we last met, reviewing the homework and how it has helped and then we will continue with the therapeutic change work. This will vary from person to person and although I prepare for your visit in advance and have a plan this will change if necessary to deal with whatever is most useful for you at the time. We will then decide on when your next session should be.

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