There are times in all our lives when we are suddenly overwhelmed with feelings that we cannot cope.   These feelings of overwhelm can appear in a very sudden and dramatic fashion. Usually, however, it is the proverbial last straw which may be something in itself totally irrelevant, and which adds to you questioning why you cannot cope.


It is in our nature to worry and to want to protect those we love.  However, it is also the nature of our cultural upbringing to expect to be able to provide more than just love, security, nurturing and food (as if that wasn’t enough!). In these days of uncertain economic climate, redundancy and home repossession, this need to provide the ‘extras’ such as cars, phones, and other gadgets, doesn’t just go away, in fact often it is felt to be a benchmark of how well you are succeeding.


The physical symptoms of overwhelm can be described as exhaustion, anger, frustration, confusion, depression, insomnia and an inability to think (is this you?).  These symptoms are not the end of it and may be just the tip of the iceberg, as everyone reacts differently to a situation.   Sometimes we can feel that we are coping well, and suddenly find that we are catching every illness that’s going around, constantly fighting colds etc.  This reduction in your immune system may be another manifestation of overwhelm.


 is our nature to worry and want to protect those we love…..





… Overwhelm can affect any one of us….






Emotional nurturing starts with you

 some work today to keep your emotional health strong..





 You owe it to yourself to be in the best emotional health you can






you are not alone




Overwhelm can affect any one of us at any time. Think of the student studying for exams, trying to achieve the best grades possible, the breadwinner who no longer has a job, the home maker struggling to feed the family on a reduced income, and the potential for overwhelm becomes more apparent.


Perhaps we should all take a step back and focus less on the gadgets and gizmo’s; concentrate more on the emotional nurturing and wellbeing we all deserve.  This emotional nurturing STARTS WITH YOU.


 It is often said that women in particular are bad at putting their own health in front of their family – this may be true, but in these days of a more balanced family responsibility perhaps that can be said for men as well.  The fact is however, if you don’t work on keeping yourself emotionally strong, then you cannot be there to support your family as efficiently (oh no it’s a chicken and egg situation!!).  In that case perhaps you should do some work today on keeping your emotional health strong.


How do you do that?   Well for one give yourself a chance and accept that you are perhaps asking more of yourself than you can deal with at this moment in time.  Forgive yourself for being under par perhaps.  In the same way you would forgive a child for smearing chocolate over the kitchen and themselves, just because it felt good to see them laugh.  Remember laughing? – this in itself is part of that emotional nurturing.


So today try the following:


1.        STOP focussing on the things you cannot do.  Focus only on things you CAN DO today, and perhaps over the next few days (let’s walk before we run).  


2.         Make a list of the things you CAN DO, along with what you need to help you achieve them and perhaps a timetable to achieve them by.  Keep your focus on these things and tick them off when they are done (in itself this can be very satisfying).  If your targets need to be moved then do so and feel confident in that choice, this is a plan which should always remain fluid.


3.         Make it a policy to sit down one night a week and do this exercise so that you focus on the short term things you CAN ACHIEVE.


4.         SPEAK to someone – whether it is a friend, partner, family member or Coach/therapist.  Just having this conversation with someone who can perhaps help you to see things more clearly, will help you to stop feeling alone in your overwhelm, and you never know their suggestions (which you can choose to undertake or not) may give you a different perspective and perhaps some different options.


Doing this on a regular basis you will find focuses your mind and calms things down.  It will also mean that you can start to focus on the longer game as each achieved goal slips into place.


You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be in the best emotional health you can, so start right now, today, remember you are not alone.

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