Natural childbirth using Hypnosis


Childbirth should not be something to be feared.  It is a natural bodily process. Bringing a new life into the world should be a celebration and something you look forward to as a family.  Don’t you deserve to feel empowered, in control and excited so that you can fully enjoy the birth of your baby, so why not use all the tools you can in order to do so?


Hypnosis is a very powerful tool which offers a natural, positive and more comfortable experience for you, your birth partner and newborn





Hypnosis is a very powerful tool… bringing your new baby into the world should be celebrated not feared.






 Gives you and your baby calmer more positive experience




Helps to promote better bonding





Childbirth should not be feared.  It is a natural bodily process








How does hypnosis help?


Using hypnosis visualisation and learning to relax throughout your pregnancy will enable you to become self aware, internally focussed, and more in control using self hypnosis.  During labour you will have learnt the skills to relax both your mind and body.  When we are tense and anxious people often refer to things like “butterflies in their stomach” or feeling “stiff in their lower back.  Using hypnosis in order to relax can alleviate these sensations, and that relaxation of the stomach, lower back and pelvic areas also relaxes the womb and cervix which can make it easier for your baby to move down the birth canal and out into your waiting arms.   ‘Labour pains’ may be felt as a wave or pushing sensation without discomfort.  


Studies show that using hypnotherapy during labour can:-


  • Give you a more positive experience of pregnancy and labour
  • Allow you to have a shorter labour and delivery
  • Gives a calmer, positive birth experience for you and your baby
  • Reduces the need for medication or surgical intervention – which also means that your newborn is more alert and less drowsy
  • Helps promote bonding
  • Helps you deal with Doctor/Hospital or needle phobias


A Session Guide


As I always work with the individual and we all have our own different needs, this is purely a guide of the areas generally covered.  YOU are always the most important person in the room and we will work to your needs.  It is helpful, although not essential, for your Partner to be present during some (or all) of the sessions in order that they can learn how the self hypnosis focus and techniques can be aided by them during labour and delivery.


Session 1


Initial consultation and history taking

Pregnancy relaxation hypnosis – to be recorded for you to take away


Session 2


Making a birth plan and asking questions of your doctor/midwife

Self hypnosis lesson

Preparation for pain management


Session 3


Using the self hypnosis skills you have already learnt you will learn how to use time distortion between contractions to enable the labour to pass quickly.  Visualisation hypnosis to work through this stage towards a natural birth


Session 4


Visualisation of delivery/birth using hypnosis techniques

Working with self hypnosis in order to create a more powerful mindset


Session 5


Birth and bonding visualisation using hypnosis


Session 6


Personalised to your specific pre-birth needs to address any anxiety, ensure your birth plan is in place, to strengthen self hypnosis techniques


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