Having been someone who suffered from very painful, erratic and heavy periods over a lot of years I am well aware of just how much some women suffer from this ‘monthly curse’.  Of course on the other side of the coin are those women who have very light menstruation, or those who have infrequent almost an absence of menstruation.  It is not unusual however for these women to still experience all the other symptoms such as sore breasts, emotional disturbance, insomnia, cravings, backache and water retention.  (I have met someone whose water retention was so bad she said she put on half a stone every month, so very uncomfortable for her)  This list of symptoms is by no means complete.





..suffered from painful, erratic periods over many years…..





… Reflexology is a very powerful tool to aid menstruation….






..enabling hormone systems to achieve balance…





..release yourself from this ‘monthly curse’  I can recommend it personally..











Obviously for women of child bearing age, and who want to start a family, having a regular monthly menstruation is important, and if it can be painless and mainly symptom free then that’s all the better.


Reflexology can be a very powerful tool in enabling the menstrual cycle to settle into a regular, almost symptom free event.  I have had experience of this myself so can speak from both the Reflexology practitioner and client side of the couch.



How does Reflexology work? 


Reflexology works by the stimulation of the feet (or hands) a bit like acupuncture, but without using needles.  This stimulation works energy zones or reflexes corresponding to the different systems and organs within the body and brings the body back into balance.  For menstrual ease the Reflexologist will work over the endocrine and hormone systems in particular.  Working over these systems will enable any over reactive hormone production to calm down, and any under reactive hormone reactions to increase.


A normal course of treatments recommended for menstrual imbalances is six weekly sessions, followed by monthly sessions thereafter for as long as necessary – each client is an individual and would be treated as such.


The benefits are therefore; that not only do you experience a very relaxing reflexology treatment, but your menstrual symptoms should reduce and become predictably regular.  I have seen this happen with many of my clients, and in fact include this within my Fertility Treatment package in order to ensure that everything is working in balance for maximum fertility.  In addition you will find your stress levels reducing, your immune system improving and your energy levels increasing.


I speak from experience and whilst I entered into reflexology with some scepticism when I initially went for treatments.  I saw such marked improvements in myself that I went on to train to become a Reflexologist in order to learn more. 


Why suffer every month with menstrual symptoms, when you can take back your life and enjoy the reflexology experience at the same time.  Find a reflexologist, book a course, and give yourself release from this ‘monthly curse’.  I can personally recommend it as it worked for me.

For more information regarding how Reflexology can help you please contact Cherie on 07900 352324


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