Now following on from my initial journey with an IBS diagnosis, I thought that this next part was worthy of a separate tale….


The first part of this journey left me waiting for my appointment with the Dietician which eventually arrived.  I went along and explained all about my symptoms and answered all their questions.  They then explained the process of a Food Intolerance Exclusion Programme.   This they premised with;


1.        It will take a very long time, and a lot of determination, as it is very limiting at first as to the foods you can eat, and;


2.         Most people don’t complete it!!!!


Now I don’t know about you but I find something that everyone else struggles with to be a personal challenge to succeed at, so I thought ok bring it on, difficult or not.


The diet basically started with a limited diet of just chicken, rice and soya milk for six weeks to get my body/digestion, calmed down and less reactive to everything I ate.  After this food groups are introduced one at a time.  Every time there is a negative reaction (or intolerance) then you have to go back to the bland diet again for 1 week to 10 days before trying to introduce the next thing.   You can see why this takes so long now.  I would like to mention at this point that intolerance is very different to an allergy.


I am not going to go into the diet process in too much detail, as if anyone reading this feels they want to undergo this process, they would be better doing so under dietician supervision as everyone is different and their experience is necessary in some circumstances.


This exclusion diet plan took about 12 months to complete (whew!!)





..bring it on be it difficult or not…..





… I started to feel better almost immediately….






All my preconceptions were wrong…





..the future looks so much better..







Anyway I started to feel better almost immediately, and unless I had a negative reaction to a food I was enjoying myself, trying different foods and finding that all my pre-conceptions of what I was intolerant to were completely wrong!!!!  I found that I am seriously intolerant to wheat, gluten and onion, and to a lesser degree tomato and milk – not one of these foods were on my list of suspect items you may remember.


At the end of a year I felt healthier, had no more symptoms at all (including the back spasms which I was surprised to find were due to the stomach spasms!!).


I am now learning to cook gluten free, and avoiding the other things that I am intolerant, to and although this skill in itself is proving a challenge, (especially finding an alternative to onion) IT WAS SO WORTH IT.  I am finding favourite recipes (which I may share on my website), and which my family are also enjoying, so we are all benefiting by eating the same foods, together as a family.


I am not a saint, I do occasionally eat the wrong food, but I understand why I feel ill after, and there is something I can do to help myself.  It is now my choice and I am back in control.


I have not lost the weight yet – although it took 11 years to accumulate, so I guess my body has to re-adjust from what was basically described to me as a starvation level, and my appetite is still quite small, but I endeavour to eat three meals a day, and feel healthier and happier all round.  The future looks so much better.


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