11 years ago having suffered with a lot of ‘stomach problems’ and undertaken basic tests via my doctor to see if I had an infection, I was pronounced to ‘have IBS’.  Now I consider my GP to be one of the better ones, so I believed them when they said that there was really nothing to be done and I would have to learn to ‘live with it’.


The following 8 years were spent in various stages of stomach spasm and the inevitability of having to programme every outing by the toilets I could find on the way. I also had a lot of the other symptoms, of being tired all the time, aching joints, back spasms, indigestion, bloating, it goes on an on……  I even had to give up going into work to a job I enjoyed as I could not guarantee being able to manage the hour drive without a loo in sight!!   My only other option was to consume a large amount of diarrhoea medication which only meant that I was set like cement (I know far too much information, but bear with me it gets better!)


Anyway, I found that I was progressively eating less and less, mainly just an evening meal, and yet getting fatter and fatter!!  I even joined diet clubs, did my best to eat healthily, but lost no weight and was told by the clubs that I was not eating enough!!  The unfairness of it all was really depressing and I continued in a downward spiral of feeling very unwell most days, not eating and getting fatter.





..I was pronounced to have IBS and told I would have to live with it…..





… eating less and less and getting fatter and fatter….






It made no sense to me at all…





..what if the GP just told me to go away there was nothing they could do..







Now I am a hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, and it was on a weekend event when we were practicing our coaching skills that I was challenged over my eating, the IBS diagnosis, and why I was not doing anything about taking back control of my life – tough love indeed as they would truck no avoidance or excuse until we came to a ‘light bulb’ moment when I realised that they were right, why should I keep suffering with no real investigations having been undertaken and no end in sight?  My eating by this time had deteriorated so far that some days I was physically unable to swallow food at all and had to throw it up!, as there did not seem anywhere for it to go!  In addition, I was still fat.  It made no sense to me at all, and I was very depressed.



Anyway, after that weekend I did some research on the internet and found a lot of IBS was food intolerances.  Now in some way I had already realised that.  I had decided on my own that fat, fish, vegetables and fibre were big triggers for me and accordingly had cut them out of my already meagre diet completely, but still suffered and was not getting better.  I had found myself cooking separate meals for my family and myself.  In fact when we were at home on holiday I was ‘forced’ (or encouraged) by my long suffering husband to eat three times a day ‘because it is normal’.  However, I was always in a worse state of IBS when I did so.  Talk about a downward spiral.


Now, the internet also gave lots of examples of places you go pay to go privately for allergy testing, but these seemed expensive, and frankly we could not really afford it if the tests were not to be relied upon.  There was so much information for and against which do you believe?


After much self coaching I made an appointment, with some trepidation, to see my GP.  What if they just told me to go away there was nothing they could do again?  I made up my mind to be determined and insist that something be done to find out if food intolerances were triggering my IBS.


The day of my appointment arrived, and I was ready for a fight.  Slightly annoyingly my GP said yes food intolerances were often the cause of IBS but the NHS did not fund testing via a clinic, and the only option they could offer was a referral to a dietician where I would take part in a food intolerance programme. What did I say, YES, YES, YES, finally there was a chance of things improving.


I awaited my appointment date with the Dietician with optimism.


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