Giving birth using Hypnosis


Following on from my recent article ‘Self Hypnosis and Pain Management’ I thought it would be a good time to give some information on this subject. 


I was watching BBC TV today (19th May 2011) and they were discussing the NHS investigating using more hypnosis in hospitals during labour,  At last the NHS/Government are listening to the growing voice of hypnotherapy bodies, and are undertaking a study on what they are already saying is a useful and effective tool during labour.


I cannot wait for the results to be published, even though I don’t need convincing!   I have had reports from my positive birthing clients saying that whilst they were in labour, they actually were more comfortable and felt in control, so they were able to enjoy the birth of their child without fear and anxiety, having prepared in advance mentally and physically for the experience.


Hypnosis used in conjunction with the specialist medical profession is a very powerful tool.  Hypnosis is a complementary therapy to conventional hospital or home births, and can be used even when surgical intervention is a necessity.






Hypnosis is a very powerful tool… bringing your new baby into the world should be celebrated not feared.





The expectation of pain increases fear and your ability to relax into giving birth collapses.






Gives you and your baby calmer more positive experience





Helps to promote better bonding





Childbirth should not be feared.  It is a natural bodily process









How does hypnosis help?


Unfortunately, people who have had difficult births are always very keen to share that experience.  Watching TV/Film also puts the ‘Fear Factor’ into overdrive with screaming women and horrendous images.  This puts into your mindset (subconscious) an expectation of pain and discomfort and your fear increases exponentially.  When we are afraid, fearful or anxious the body reacts in a way called ‘fight or flight’, this means that your body prepares itself to either run away from danger (fear) or aggressively confront it.  



Using hypnosis and learning to relax throughout your pregnancy will enable you to become self aware, internally focussed, and more in control of this fight or flight reaction.  During labour you will have learnt the skills to relax both your mind and body. 


When we are tense and anxious people often refer to things like “butterflies in their stomach” or feeling “stiff in their lower back.  Using hypnosis in order to relax can alleviate these sensations, and that relaxation of the stomach, lower back and pelvic areas also relaxes the womb and cervix which can make it easier and more comfortable for your baby to move down the birth canal and out into your waiting arms.   ‘Labour pains’ may in fact be felt only as a wave or pushing sensation without being those of unbearable pain, and the time distortion within trance can make these contractions seem as if they are very short duration.  Which would you prefer to be your experience?  


Studies show that using hypnotherapy during labour can:-


  • Give you a more positive experience of pregnancy and labour
  • Allow you to have a shorter labour and delivery
  • Gives a calmer, positive birth experience for you and your baby
  • Reduces the need for medication or surgical intervention – which also means that your newborn is more alert and less drowsy
  • Helps promote bonding
  • Helps you deal with Doctor/Hospital or needle phobias


Hypnosis is a very powerful tool which enables you to have a more comfortable experience for you, your birth partner, and newborn baby.


Arranging to see a specialist hypnotherapist for positive birthing sessions is the first step into learning these new skills of focus and relaxation.  The sessions are useful for both you and your birth partner who will be taught how to help you to focus and manage your pain during labour.  You will also be taught how to make a birth plan, ask questions productively and take control and enjoy your pregnancy from conception to birth. 


Hypnosis is a skill to be learnt and so the longer you give yourself to do so the more skilful you become and the better the experience you can choose to have.


Childbirth should not be something to be feared.  It is a natural bodily process. Bringing a new life into the world should be a celebration and something you look forward to as a family.  Don’t you deserve to feel empowered, in control and excited so that you can fully enjoy the birth of your baby, so why not use all the tools you can in order to do so?


If you need more information about the Harmony Therapies Positive Birthing Programme and how I can help you, please Call Cherie on 07900 352324



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