Are You Blossoming into your Full Potential?


Summer is finally here, and it’s the season for the Chelsea Flower Show.  Watching all the proud growers with their new plants, and realising just how much work they have put into their ‘perfect blooms’ made me wonder; how much time do we put into nurturing ourselves to enable us to bloom fully?  Do we truly care enough for ourselves to put in the time to achieve that potential we know we have?  How can we achieve our gold medal in life?


If your answer to any of these questions is in the negative, then it may help to know that you are not alone.  We are all very good at doing what is required to bring our children, flowers and family towards their full potential, but we often totally neglect our own emotional needs in the process. 


Recently, I had a conversation with someone who had suddenly realised that having spent so much of their life nurturing the needs of others; they had, over the years, lost sight of themselves in the process.  They had lost their direction and felt as if they were being walked all over by everyone.  They felt alone and isolated with no direction.  They actually felt guilty if they did anything for their own pleasure!  They were worried that when their family left home they would be suffering with empty nursery syndrome, and that it would be too late to find any part of the person they wanted to be.


 much time do we put into nurturing ourselves…..





… lost their direction and felt as if they were being walked over by everyone….






Emotional nurturing starts with you





..change does not happen over night..


  are as deserving as anyone else..





Do not let fear stop you…



If we were to give ourselves a little bit of the nurturing that we give to others, then we would grow into more well rounded healthy people, emotionally and physically, so why do we deny ourselves that chance?  One reason may be that we have simply lost sight of who we would like to be.  Another may be that we are too busy listening to that inner critic telling us that we are unworthy or unable to change, or we are simply just too busy to notice until it is ‘too late’   Well the good news is, it is never too late. 



Whatever it is that is stopping you from blossoming, it is never too late to make change.  Change does not happen over night, and sometimes in our busy world we make the mistake of thinking that unless it does, it is not worth waiting for.  Wrong!  In the same way that the growers at Chelsea have spent months, and often years, nurturing and developing their new plants, you can spend time planning and changing yourself as well, and still be able to reap the rewards of the journey along the way.


Why not take time today to take stock – what is it that would give you pleasure in your life?  It may be learning a new skill, getting fitter, travelling to interesting places.  When you have identified your nurturing act then do the following:-


  1. Write a list of the actions you need to do to get there. The act of ticking off items from a list is very satisfying and shows you are making changes, however small


  1. If at any point you come up with a negative (for example; I cannot, I don’t know etc) then this is where you need to ask yourself the harder questions – Why not?  What would happen if I did?  How would I feel if I did?.  Force yourself to face these sticking points and make a positive action plan to move past them. 


  1. Give yourself realistic timetables to achieve the items on your list.  If you need to attend a course, explore where you can go, and apply early so that you have a definite starting date.   You could even read up on the subject between now and the start of the course to increase your potential for change (feeding your brain if you like!)


  1. Do not prevaricate.  Start today, nothing is to be gained by leaving it until tomorrow, next week, next year.  The sooner you start, the sooner you will start to change.


  1. Do not allow guilt to get in your way.  You are as deserving as anyone else. 


Step outside your comfort zone and nurture yourself today.  It may be scary, but fear and excitement often accompany one another.


It may be that the fear means you get stuck and have no idea how to start to nurture yourself again.  Looking after your own emotional health is a skill and with practice it becomes easier.   Change may be difficult and challenging, but the journey is worth it. Do not let fear stop you.  If this is the case then why not speak to someone who can coach you along the way – there is no shame in guidance from an expert, after all the plants did not change and become beautiful blooms without the intervention of the gardener. 


Get out there today achieve your potential, live your dream, and win life’s equivalent of a gold medal.  You deserve happiness.

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