I can offer you a unique package to help with your fertility issues using sessions of both hypnosis and reflexology which may vastly increase your chances of successful conception.  This package is also available to increase your chances if you are thinking of undertaking IVF treatments



This programme may vastly increase your chances of conception




Reflexology and Hypnotherapy have both been demonstrated as increasing the chances of conception




Clients with undiagnosed infertility may conceive using this programme even after several failed IVF attempts


"I went into my second IVF feeling calmer and focused"


This programme is beneficial (although not compulsory) for both partners, as the process can be stressful for both as your life changes  towards becoming a family



What Does The Programme Offer Me?


Addresses emotional blockages

Resolves any fears regarding being pregnant

Teaches you relaxation techniques

Gives you back control

Teaches you self hypnosis to manage Stress

(which may prevent uterine contraction during reimplantation the most risky part of the process)

Visualisation techniques
Detox for the body
Specific treatment to enhance/balance the hormone and immune systems

Balance for both mind and body

Pain Management

Weight Management

Stopping Smoking


Undiagnosed Infertility
is defined by the medical profession as the failure of a healthy couple to conceive after two years of trying.  Often doctors can find no physical explanation for this phenomenon.


People are leaving starting their families to later in life and fertility is understood to reduce as we age. Research suggests that undiagnosed infertility can be related to the effects of a modern diet and, more importantly, to the fast pace or stressful lives that we now lead.  See tips for a natrual pregnancy here


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