It’s now the season for exam stressed teenagers, (and some returning to education adults) to face the spectre of exams.  I for one have suffered in the past with terrible exam nerves.  Sitting in front of the newly turned over paper which appears to be written in gobbledegook, wondering if I have wandered into the wrong room is not unfamiliar to me. 


The trouble with exam stress is it is not so selective that it saves itself for the exam itself.  As you sit and revise you find that the words no longer make any sense and everything you read seems to be deleted from your brain immediately! 


Nor does it save itself solely for the person sitting the exam - parents, significant others and Teachers also suffer in the build up to the exam season with short tempered, irrational outbursts (and occasional tears) from their children or partners or students, all advice is rejected and all attempts to help, reclassified as “interfering”.






..wondering if I have wandered into the wrong room…..





… there are loads of different ways to revise….






I cannot speak highly enough of relaxation and hypnosis…





Stress and anxiety can cause many physical problems including poor immune systems






Now I know that there are loads of different ways to revise and calm down for the exam, and believe me I have probably tried them all with varying degrees of success, just to name a few. Rescue Remedy, lavender essential oils, meditation, revision crib sheets, pictures etc pinned to the fridge, wall, ceiling, wherever you can see them and let them enter your subconscious, relaxation tapes, hypnosis.


 Now having tried all of the above, I cannot speak highly enough of relaxation and hypnosis – now I know as a hypnotherapist, and someone who now offers relaxation lessons, I may be a bit biased, but believe me I offer these resources because they worked so well for me.  In fact the last exam I sat I achieved a frankly amazing 98% pass rate, just by learning to relax and focus before the exam.


There is no shame, or weirdness about deciding to take control of your anxiety, rather than letting it control you (and as far as pass grades are concerned, to affect your future as well as the present).


So may I respectfully suggest to all you fellow sufferers out there, that you take back control and take an opportunity now to learn how to relax (meditate if you like), focus your attention on what needs to be done and get on with your life. 


These skills are not limited to exam time, but can help with driving tests, public speaking and interviews to name but a few other examples, and like all skills best practiced as often as possible to achieve the best results for you.


So whether you decide to speak to someone like me, book lessons in meditation, or just buy a CD and try to do it for yourself, at least have a go, relax and take back your life, pass your exams and look forward to a successful future using these new, (and in my opinion) vastly underestimated skills, in the same way you would learn how to drive, fly a plane, or Zumba for weight loss.  Respect yourself and your needs and make the best choices for you NOW.  What have you got to lose?


Good luck to you all.

For more information regarding how I can help you deal with anxiety and lack of focus please call Cherie on 07900 352324




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