Dentophobia - Fear of dentists


Lets start with a scenario – a bright place full of shiny, sharp things – a man looming over you without so much as a word and digging around in your mouth – it hurts so you struggle, as you struggle the drill slips and slices through your tongue, your mouth fills with blood.  No-one seems to care.  A nightmare or a horror film perhaps, well in some cases yes, in mine however it is a very vivid memory of a childhood visit to the dentist. 


From conversations with others it appears that so many of us suffered in this way as children, visiting a dentist who seemed to be paid by the filling or extraction, every visit seeming to involve drilling and terror on an ever increasing scale.  You, as the patient, seemed unimportant, as they barely spoke to you 


Does any of this sound familiar?  Its no wonder that so many of us fear a six month visit to the dentist. Fear becoming so intense in some cases that we just don’t go any more.  The first thing to understand is you are not alone, just unlucky with that particular choice of dentist.  No-one is going to think you weak or stupid for having this particular anxiety, but it can be ‘cured’. 


The fear does not have to stop at just the Dentist (or person in a white coat) but also needles, anaesthesia, lack of control issues, fear of pain itself.  This list is not exclusive as everyone is unique and may have multiple combinations of phobia to contend with.





..a very vivid memory of a childhood visit to the dentist…..





… the good news is that things have changed….






At what point does your pain over-ride the fear…





..what makes you think you cannot be helped?..





 ..learning self hypnosis to use for yourself..





Do not let fear stop you…



In these days of celebrity ultra white teeth, oral hygiene is more in your face than ever before.  The good news however is that things have changed – your dentist now wants you to keep your own teeth as long as possible, and technology is such that we have the opportunity to keep our teeth in tip top condition between appointments.   There are actually a lot of very good, caring dentists out there (really, there are, I now have one).  Dentists who actually treat you as a person who has feelings, and not just a set of teeth to be “worked on”, some are even trained in relaxation language and techniques in order to make your visit more comfortable.


At what point does dental pain become so bad for you, that it over-rides your fear?  Are you willing to live a life where you are in constant discomfort because you are afraid to confront your fear head on and change things for the better?  I decided to opt to change the way I felt. I can assure you from personal experience that my fear was genuinely intense (being someone who cried in the chair during a check up), but I now attend my dentist regularly.  I am even able talk to both the dentist and his staff before and after.


So, what makes you think that you cannot be helped?, or that it is your fate to always be torn between fear of going to the dentist for treatment and having appalling painful teeth?


How did I confront the fear and find my solution.  Self hypnosis worked for me.  As a hypnotherapist obviously I have skills which are necessary to achieve this, and believe me I utilised all of them in order to leave this fear behind.  I now use my self hypnosis the night before and in the waiting room, and whilst I can honestly say I don’t look forward to having anything done to my teeth, I am now prepared for that possibility and have the resources to do so.  The difference for me is that I don’t cry at the dentist any more.  I am able to feel reasonably relaxed and the session with him seems to pass by very quickly, in fact sometimes I feel that I have barely arrived when it is finished and I can leave.


How does hypnosis work?  During a trance situation a hypnotherapist may take you back in a controlled safe manner to the source of your anxiety about dentists.  You are then able to understand your anxiety and put it into perspective.  You will be able to find the resources you need to enable you to cope and deal with your fear in order that you can visit a dentist with confidence.  Your therapist should also be able to teach how to use self hypnosis before each dental visit, or give you a recording you can listen to.


My suggestions therefore are:-


  1. Get a recommendation of a good caring Dentist - if possible from someone you trust.


  1. Decide not to let your fear control you – find a hypnotherapist who can teach you the skills necessary to make this experience more acceptable to you


  1. Enjoy the freedom of good oral hygiene and pearly white teeth – no longer afraid, or ashamed, to smile at people pain free and confident.


Your fear does not need to hold you back from receiving necessary treatment.  Stop suffering from dental pain NOW.  You can be helped and you deserve to feel good, and pain free.

If you would like me to help you to let go of Fear and visit your Dentist with confirence call 
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