I first contacted Cherie in July 2009 after my first failed attempt of IVF.  I have a low AMH level.
Before my first attempt of IVF I tried acupuncture, I found this fairly painful and medical. (You get plenty of needles during IVF anyway!) I had contacted a few people regarding mind, body therapy but some people I contacted, and who are advertised by the hospital, I found a little harsh and very expensive, and going through IVF is emotional enough.
I spoke to Cherie over the phone and instantly felt comfortable. I went for a consultation meeting to see if Cherie could help me with various issues but basically I was wanting to become a calmer and more positive person. I felt it was important that I was balanced before embarking on my second and final attempt of IVF for 2 reasons:-
1)  I hoped it would make my body react better to the drugs which it appeared to do and,
2) so as I could deal with whatever the final outcome was to be.
When I first met Cherie I instantly felt at ease and could not believe how open I was.
We worked on many past issues and Cherie incorporated hypnotherapy, NLP and reflexology.
I went into my second attempt feeling much calmer and much more focused.
My second attempt sadly failed due to my egg quality (AMH).  I continued with reflexology to cleanse my body.   But more importantly I really don't believe I would have had the inner strength to deal with the failing of my second and final failed attempt had I had not changed my mind state between the two cycles. 
I can honestly say that I truly believe that the day I made that first phone call to Cherie I began to become a new happier person.  I look back now and see a completely different Me. I feel I embarked upon a truly magical journey and have transformed from an anxious worrying and unhappy person to a happy content and positive person.
I would highly recommend Cherie for any type of mind body therapy, however anyone who is about to enter into IVF I would really encourage to pick up the phone and arrange a chat with Cherie. Its one of the most stressful and emotional journeys you are ever likely to have and if your body and mind are both balanced and you have the tools to be able to control how you feel and deal with the experience this can only help.
You will read many stories of how people say alternative therapies have increased their chances of success with IVF and I believe this is true as with my second attempt my body reacted so much better to the drugs yet my dosage of drug hadn't changed between cycles and that's all very positive.  However,  people rarely look at  the mind and yet this controls how you deal with the emotional side of IVF.
Cherie combines both therapies to a degree where I not only felt positive but excited and was able to deal with the outcome in a much healthier and content way.
Thank you for all of your support Cherie
HS - Essex

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