The Anxiety Specialist

I am an experienced Anxiety Therapist, hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.

I have worked with clients who have moderate to severe Anxiety and have the tools and resources to lead you to a more resourceful today and therefore a future where stress and anxiety are something you can manage rather than suffer from.

When does this become a problem?

When it stops you from living or enjoying your life

When it keeps you locked in a past negative emotion, such as grief, anger, self pity.

When you are constantly angry and impatient with people who care for you.

When you are unable to forgive past events either self forgiveness or forgiving others.

When you are physically affected by stress, constant headaches/migraine when you are always tired, or feeling unwell, if you have undiagnosed fertility issues,

When you have a feeling of overwhelm and do not know how to move on.

There are many types of stress/anxiety

Social Anxiety -

Fearing going out in public Do you have panic attacks, a feeling of lack of control, agoraphobia

Fear of speaking in public or giving public speeches Do you feel your opinion does not count?

Isolation taking yourself away from social interaction do you turn down invitations or ignore phone calls?

Lack of confidence are you always apologising? Do you find yourself doing things you do not want because you did not want to say no?

General Anxiety -

Job interviews or exams are you about to sit exams or a driving test, or attend an interview?

Bereavement Have you suffered a bereavement and cannot move on from the grief. Have you lost a loved pet and have no-one who would understand?

Children do you have children sitting exams more children are being diagnosed with low level anxiety during exams. Are you suffering from 'empty nest syndrome' is your confidence lacking?

Divorce have you been going through a divorce and have no-one to turn to, have lost your confidence, cannot face the future alone?

Moving House This is one of the most stressful times and can lead to a level of loss of confidence and isolation if you are moving to a new area.

Separation Anxiety

This can occur in both a child being separated from a parent, or a parent being separated from their child, for example, during a divorce.


If any of these things are causing you problems then perhaps it is time to learn some new skills and move forward in a positive way.

If you would like help then please call me to arrange for your Free Consultation

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