Can I have reflexology when I am pregnant?

Yes, it is usual to wait until the first trimester has passed before commencing a reflexology programme, this should also always be discussed with your medical practitioner.   Reflexology can be used to help with the preparation for birth and to relax and keep the body functioning efficiently during pregnancy.

Can I have reflexology if I have cancer or I am receiving other medical treatment?

Yes, it is always best to discuss this with your medical practitioner first as reflexology does help the body to de-tox and it may therefore not be appropriate during aggressive medical intervention, but during the recovery period it would be appropriate.

If I have hypnosis will I be running around like a chicken?

No this is a common misconception used during stage shows.   A professional hypnotherapist would NEVER do this.  You are always in control during hypnosis and can choose to awake fully in the event of an emergency, or disregard anything asked of you that has not been agreed with your therapist beforehand.

Is NLP a form of brainwashing?

NO.   NLP works with you fully in control at all times, the required results are defined and agreed by the client prior to treatment and you are able to control the session at all times.

How can Hypnotherapy help me stop smoking, lose weight etc?

Because smoking, eating and other unwanted habits are   controlled by the unconscious mind (i.e you do them without thinking about it) hypnosis and NLP work with the unconscious mind so the aim is to stop the action before it happens, therefore these therapies are the only ones that make sense and do not involve putting anything into your body that you don't want.

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